Dreams are often ideas that after we wake up we realize could mean something. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of dreams.

  1. Intelligent Dreams: They are complex. They involve you making complex decisions.
  2. Lucid: Lucid dreaming is a lot like intelligent dreaming in the sense that YOU are the one controlling your dream but not only decision but everything inside of your dream.
  3. Tag along dreams: These kinds of dreams are what I would consider normal dreams where you just tag along and find out what happens as you go.
  4. Important Dreams: These dreams often have meanings inside of them usually in the part that you remember the most about. They often times are trying to get you to change something in your real life.
  5. Recurring Dreams: Often times people say you have recurring dreams because there’s something about the dream that you need to get over or realize or change in your life but I don’t believe this is the case. My recurring dreams never have a meaning to them yet I’ve had the same dreams every once in a long while ever since I was 10.I believe the mind gets stuck on something that maybe once meant something to you when you first had the dream so it keeps the idea in the back of the head and they show up every once in a while in dreams. Again, I don’t believe they have any or much meaning.

There are so many different types of dreams to be honest but what makes me question dreaming is why we often are left with the perception that a dream can have such a great meaning behind it. Even if that’s the case I still thoroughly enjoy the feeling that dreams give me. They make me feel important and as if I’m doing something important in my life. After having these kinds of dreams that make me feel alive I will lay there in bed and rethink of the dream until I feel like it’s stuck in my head that way later in the day I can ponder about it when I’m less busy. They often times give me amazement and wonder.


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