Where will this train take you?

You’ve gotta stop and ask yourself at one point in your life if your life has meaning, if you have what it takes and if you think or know that you can make it to where you want to be in life. After all this life is all that we’ve got. It’s our chance to make something out of it. To make yourself special in your own eyes as well as others. This post is about inspiration. No matter where I have gone in life i have always kept one thought in my head; that it can only get better from here. Anytime i ever thought different my world came crashing down around me with the weight of a freight train to the point i felt like i was in pieces on the ground and couldn’t manage to pull myself back together. But I’m still here aren’t I? And so are you. You want to know what makes life worth living or striving for something? It’s the fact that we have all got one exact thing in common, we all want something special and people are what keep up going. Whether it was your parents, siblings, daughters or sons, grandfathers or grandmothers, boyfriends or girlfriends or maybe it was a stranger that passed you by on the street. We all keep striving for more in life and we all want to keep living for others. Love is the one thing that can keep you alive.


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