Dream 1- Love

I just woke up from a very long dream. I know every girl and woman that believes in love believes that there’s that one special person out there for him or her. Some don’t believe in this but I do because I know it’s real. It happened to many of the people I know.


Me: Kelly


Sam (I don’t believe he really had a name in the dream but he felt like a Sam to me)


Group of girls (Friends)

Previous to this dream I had another that led into this one and Brian had been in it and seems like I was running away from something that was going to hurt me. A person, an animal, I’m not sure. I can’t quite remember but this dream was incredibly long. I think Sam might have been there protecting me from it.

I was at school in a parking lot and a group of girls were around me as though we were friends but I felt like I didn’t know them. There was a guy there as well among the group of girls, Sam, he must be my friend as well. He looks like an average guy but he seems to stay by my side so he must be my friend? Once the bell rang we left my car and walked to the school and once we were inside suddenly it wasn’t school anymore. We were in a building that was sort of like a dorm in the sense that there were many rooms and lots of peoples belongings were in them. We went into one and there were my (friends) sitting on a bed and there was some old games and play stations on the floor in the corner next to the door. We had just gotten a new console that someone gave to us and it was an old joy stick controlled Atari that was still sitting in it’s old box. So while I had just sat down to get it out of the box a friend came in and said something that got my attention and I stood up and walked outside of the door to see Brian and Karen walking in from outside with her on his back giving her a piggy back ride. I felt a little pain in my chest seeing them together but I knew I shouldn’t so I just walked away. He can date and be friends with whoever he wants now. My feelings don’t apply to him anymore. I walk back into the room and sit down trying to figure out how to put the Atari console together. It seems like time has passed and I walk out of the room again and Brian and Karen isn’t there anymore. I walk out now that I see the coast is clear and I see random people roaming the halls and as I make my way to the end. If I was to continue it would lead to the doors leading outside. Looking up I see Sam walking in where he smiles and says “Hey, Kelly what are you up to?” I smile a little because I still feel like I don’t know him and I say “Oh, I was just trying to put a game together.” He talks but I don’t listen as I’m too focused on why I’m here and who Sam is. Sam ends up leading me into a room and we talk privately for awhile, he was telling me that I deserved a good man. A man that could take care of me and not push me or make me do things that I didn’t want to do. Just have a man in my life, whether it was a friend (I could tell he was talking about himself) or more. As he was talking about this I saw Brian walk by and I couldn’t help but think “He was supposed to be all of that. But he wasn’t and I need to move on.” I realized that I was making myself feel bad for what could have been but wasn’t when it’s natural for people to move on and get new boyfriends but I felt stuck. I felt like I was being held back just a little, not nearly as much as I had when Brian and I first broke up. I saw that he was happy with someone else and that made me incredibly happy but at the same time it made me feel like maybe I wouldn’t be able to move on as well even though it was what I desired and wanted most. I walked to the door way and watched Brian walking down the hall. I don’t believe he ever looked at me in the dream which I knew meant that he had moved on. Yet for some reason I was making myself feel guilty in some kind of way because I spent half my life with him and yet I was telling myself to move on. I have had so much time to get over him, get over myself and how everything made me feel. I went through the grieving process and now it was time to move on. Therefor I deserved to be happy, I had to keep telling myself. I deserve a better man. One that could hold me often, be with me, do sweet things for me, one that would make me happy just being around him and that made me laugh often. As I turned around I saw Sam standing there with what must have been a table with 50 or 100 different types of rings on it. I felt joy but yet at the same time I was still making myself feel a bit bad for wanting this. Sam wasn’t exactly the person I wanted to marry. He just wasn’t my type but I believe the dream was showing me that now that I’ve moved on new and better things can come into my life. I began looking through the rings as Sam talked saying that I deserve to be happy. Reassuring me of what I wanted and needed in life can be mine. With Sam not being the person I really wanted to marry was also making me feel like I shouldn’t say yes but I knew I had to say yes in order for the universe to know that I’m accepting the offer of having a better life. I finally picked out a ring and he smiled and he was so happy. I questioned myself many times while looking at the rings for a while. Because in the past dream Sam had proved that he would take care of me by protecting me the dream, I knew that he would in this dream as well and in the future. Once I made up my mind and picked a ring suddenly I was looking at this birds eye view of a house on an island on a tall rock (possibly in Iceland). A huge two story house was sitting there and it must have had 10 rooms which has been a house that I’ve been wanting for quite some time because I know my parents and grandma could all live in it and have their own space. It’s what I had been wanting and as I looked at that house I heard Sam say “The only way to get to this house is by plane or boat.” Suddenly the dream zoomed in and we were standing in the living room of that house with Christmas decoration and a tree and beautiful lights everywhere where I was standing in front of Sam. He then told me that he had a surprise for me (as thought the house wasn’t enough of a surprise!) and left into another room. When he returned he gave me a pick of 3 different colored scarfs that felt like silk yet where fuzzy and soft at the same time. They were real deep colors, one deep blue scarf like the color of the deep sea, one red color that looked like a deep sunset red and one green scarf that looked like a darker shade than grass. I looked up at him in awe that he would be giving me such nice and beautiful things and he always let me have a choice between things in the dream so I never had to feel like I was limited. Having a choice is very important to me and it helps me make decisions and that fact that he knew this made me feel more connected. I believe I was about to pick out a scarf when I woke up.


Just last night I was saying affirmations about my future life, my husband to be, everything and this was a way to let me know that I have a little more work to do on myself but that I am ready for my husband and many great things to come into my life.



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