The Mind

The mind is so powerful.

You’re mind is a very powerful tool. When used properly it can take you a long way through this journey called life. No one can stop you but you from achieving. As Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on”.


The mind can be creative. It can create the endorphins to feel a rush of adrenalin or it has the ability to make you feel sympathy for someone in need of help. It can even tell you when you have touched something hot or cold and yet the mind can also dictate that if it’s not under control, it can control you as well as others. Right now I’d like to focus on the creativity aspect of the mind. Again, the sense of wonderment is what keeps me writing. What could be around the corner or what is further down the road? It makes me wonder just how much can change when you realize what your conscious and subconscious mind is thinking at all times during the day. People often meditate to get a silent mind and to keep their thoughts focused on the priority at hand. I want to focus on two aspects and later I’ll talk about more. As for now lets focus on

  1. The travel the mind can take you. Which road will you go down?
  2. What exactly can the mind do that makes it so powerful?

1. You’re always making decisions throughout the day. Some are complex and other’s are not and in the mean time while you’re going about your day say watching YouTube or focused on work, your mind is like a computer where it is accessing the web and you have multiple windows open and even though you’re looking at one page your mind keeps these other tabs open; always running in the background. First, try silencing your mind and focusing on what’s really important. When you are at home and don’t have much to do this is the best time. Say you are trying to figure out if you should go on this trip to a place you’ve been wanting to go to and someone says “I’ll pay for you if you go with me.” but you know that person has other intentions and really likes you enough to want to date you but you’re not looking to date. At the same time you’d really like to go on this trip to this beautiful place that you’ve spent years dreaming about plus it would be free because he would be paying. Then you have to ask if you would be using him just for the trip and maybe you could convince him to only go as friends but you know he more than likely wouldn’t go if this was the case. The other option is to stay at home, continue working and go about your normal every day life even though again, you’ve been dreaming about leaving and trying something new and this would give you the chance. Maybe you can convince yourself that you might end up liking him and then everything would work out how he would want but you highly doubt you would want to especially since you’re not looking to date this guy or date in general. You now have two options but in reality every option that you have will lead you down 3 more options and then those options will lead down to 5 more options. You have no clue if they will lead you where you want to go and you only want what’s best for yourself. This is the process of life. This is why your mind is thinking so much at all times during the day. It’s time to quiet your mind and figure out what you really want. What road will you go down?

2. The mind can often persuade you into braking morals or it can keep your morals strong. It all depends on how strong you are. Are you willing to learn to keep yourself strong? Say you’re sick and you’ve tried absolutely everything that you can possibly think of to get over that cold. Do you continue to have that cold or are you determined to get rid of it? Which also brings up getting rid of negative things in your life that only cause heart ache or pain in the body. So do you give up and say “well this cold will leave when it’s ready and for now I’ll put up with it.” or do you, even though you’ve tried everything that you’ve thought of, continue to keep looking for a solution. Maybe this time get serious about it and look up on google for home remedies because everything that the doctor proscribed you doesn’t work. Some times it’s as simple as a cold but surely it will tell you where you stand with yourself. Where do your morals and mind lay?

If you’re on a diet and it’s late at night and you’re so used to eating at night even though you’re trying not to now do you give into that craving and let it over power you or are you serious about loosing weight and will do anything to stop it? If you must give in then maybe snack on a couple of nuts or a spoon of peanut butter to give you protein which will make you feel full and stop your craving instead of resulting to those sweets. In fact throw all sweets out of your house!! This is even more empowering! It’s showing your mind what you will and will not do and you can always put up affirmations around the house such as, “My cravings are gone”, “I feel full hours after eating” and reading these will subconsciously and conscious tell the mind the decision you have made. Many people have lost weight this way. That’s how powerful the mind is.

Think about those divers who can hold their breath underwater for 5-10 minutes before having to come back up to the surface to get air. Those divers spend hours training to stay underwater for long periods of time by meditating and lowering their heart rate which slows the blood flow as well as oxygen flow in their body therefore they won’t need air. Meditation is basically another word for mind because it all has to do with the mind.

I myself am a very determined person. When I have set my mind to something then I am going to do it or accomplish it one way or another. If something fails then I’ll find another way but remember number 1. Every road you go down takes you to 3 new paths and some are great and others are dangerous. Always keep this in mind. Even if you’re as determined as me sometimes all the roads are dangerous so you have to sit still for the time being. There’s timing for everything just like there’s a time for spring and life to grow and a time for winter and for life to lay dormant. Even if you can’t accomplish your goals now you can always do it another day.


If you happen to want to watch a few TV shows that show what the mind can possibly do that will keep you entertained and in awe then here is a few. I’ve watched them on Netflix.

  1. Stranger Things
  2. Sense8
  3. The OA

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