How to Use the Law of Attraction

My family and I have used this for years and I can tell you it does work! The law of attraction is you putting out there to the universe that you expect something to happen and it is given to you! I actually did this when finding my first car! I kept saying “I want a VW Beetle and it is going to be blue with a sun roof and it’ll cost less than $5,000. OR I want a somewhat darker car like black or dark grey with a sun roof, low miles, less than $5,000 or near it than is reliable and has a good radio.” I ended up going to the car dealership one morning after my aunt was trying to get me to look at car sales in the newspaper and there had been some cars that were worth checking out but had way too many miles on them for what I was wanting. This day I was particularly feeling good and was up for going out and looking at car sales in October and it was a sunny day so it wasn’t a horrible day. I went and I looked at all of the cars in the ad and none of them looked good and my car salesman was trying to get me to look at high priced cars like SUV’s which wasn’t even close to what I was looking for and at one point I basically told him to shut it and I wasn’t going to buy anything over my limit unless if it was EXACTLY was I was looking for. So far I had been looking at all Pontiacs and one Chrysler. The Pontiac cars had been raced and were worth nothing. Not even what the car salesman was wanting me to pay for it and the Chrysler’s seats were leather but ripping and everything looked old and the car was just OLD. I knew it wasn’t going to last much longer and when I drove it it was boggled down like the raced Pontiacs. My brother has a Pontiac therefore I wasn’t totally against them because he never had any complaints with his and he was a car genius. I always asked him about a car before I looked into. As for Pontiacs they can go either way. Good or bad but if you try to keep it relatively knew until GM stopped selling them then you should be okay. He told me what to look for that goes bad in the car. I was about to leave when the car salesman had one last car that he had all of a sudden thought about. It looked like someone had just brought it in and the car looked nice but wasn’t detailed yet. I checked every inch of the car and even though it had some claw starches from the previous owner’s cats jumping on it, it ran perfectly and it had a sun roof, it was a charcoal grey and it was a 2005 Pontiac G6. I was so excited because it had everything I wanted. The radio worked even! I bought it after putting full coverage on the car and even though the car was more than what I wanted to pay my aunt cosigned and everything worked out great. Until I took it home. The car radio worked but the CD player had a CD stuck in it and it wouldn’t come out so the radio staid on and kept the battery running. So when I would start it up the next morning it wouldn’t want to start and I’d try multiple times before it would. I took it back to them and told them about it and how it was draining the battery and they tested the battery which had been in there since about 2005 and was pretty much dead. (Keep in mind I had watched a bunch of YouTube video on car salesman scams before I got the car) I told them that they were the ones who sold a car to me that could put me in danger and that they were the ones who were going to give me a new battery which they did. Over a span of a month and a half to two months I took it back to them for many different things and basically made them give me all new replacements and my car had never had the recall done on it they found out AFTER they sold the car to me and me bringing it back a hundred times so of course the recall was free. Overall I got my money’s worth for buying the car in the first place and I even bought a new car stereo and had the professionals put it in which was a $600 stereo that’s a touch screen so like I had wanted, I had a great stereo where the CD player works! Haha. I put in all that extra stuff about my car having problems because I know it may help someone else out there. But overall I got everything that I wanted with that car and I am so happy to have it. So, now that I have talked your ear off here is a video of the law of attraction and how it works. This woman, Cornelia has 3 videos altogether which you can find on Youtube as well.

How to Use the Law of Attraction

How to Use the Law of Attraction 2

How to Use the Law of Attraction 3


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