Love, is it real?

I didn’t know that love was such a controversial thing as if it was like what to believe or not to believe about what’s being said on the news or about conspiracy theories. I personally found out that there are actually people out there that believe love isn’t real; that there is nothing to prove that love is real. As the person I was talking  put it, “there’s only infatuation, greed, lust and desire as well whatever can make you feel good.” The person who stated these things was also brought up not being told that his parents loved him, he enjoys dominating other until they are ripped to shreds or beaten to shreds and enjoys being a know it all so that no one can prove him wrong. After talking with him on the topic of love for just a little bit I realized that this is what happens when you were not brought up with love and encouragement like my family had me. It soiled the way that this individual looked at life and treated others poorly based on that neglect. It wasn’t his fault that he hurt people or found it easy to put others in their place, it was simply the fact that his parents neglected him the right to know what love was and to be raised up properly. He’s not White, he’s not African-American and he’s not Mexican, he’s Russian. I’ve had several Russian friends and I’m soon coming to realize that the way your parents were raised and the way their parents were raising your parents as well as how their belief system is has a huge play on beliefs. Even where you live has an incredible outcome as to how you will be raised. Throughout this conversation with this individual I consistently proved why love was real and at every chance he tried to deny its a possibility. Later he called me crazy and anyone who thinks love is real is crazy. Anytime he would say an opinion like this I would ignore it and keep talking. We had a 2 hour discussion on love until finally I felt like I had enough to figure out why he believed the way he did. At the very end I asked him if he loved his child who is only 8 and his reply was, “I’ll love him until he screws up in life and becomes a little shit.” where I then replied, “Then you don’t really love your son. That’s unconditional love.” I understood where he was coming from and why his opinions where the way that they were and I can only hope that he understood my opinions even though he kept telling me they were only opinions. Maybe at some point people will learn to love their children.

So, I have to ask my readers do you believe in love? Leave a comment below stating your opinion. Thank you guys for reading!


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