Tonight’s Snow Moon, Lunar Eclipse & Comet That only comes every 5 years 2/10/2017

A Snow Moon, Comet and Lunar Eclipse are all happening at the same time this weekend.

A “Snow Moon” is the name given to a full moon that falls in February  as it’s the month that historically gets the most snowfall each year. You can look at the Snow Moon at 5:33pm on Friday night and it’ll be gone by 7:22am (EST).

Comet 45P is rarer, occurring only every 5 1/4 years. You’ll be able to see if this Friday as well.Comet 45P, visible after sunset over the last two months-through both binoculars and telescopes-makes its closest approach to Earth on February 11th but can also be seen on February 10th. It’ll be visible in the early morning sky in the constellation Hercules on the 11th. You’ll be able to see the comet both the 10th and 11th because of the meteorite only moving 9 degrees each day! Comet 45P will return again in 2022.


A Lunar Eclipse is also going down which will be visible beginning at 5:34pm, peaks at 7:43pm and ends at 9:54pm EST which can be seen if you’re in Europe, Africa and most parts of Asia as well as North America.


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